All Illinois residents should participate in the economy by pursuing work and opportunities that align with their interests and goals. This can lead to greater happiness and peace of mind. Advancing economic progress takes deliberate, creative solutions that put perspectives of adults seeking to work and learn at the center of change.

Our Vision: Participants in the economy, including workers, learners and communities, are supported to make economic opportunities, experiences, and outcomes stronger and more equitable.

Who Should Apply

This grantmaking program will support organizations that:

  • design solutions that create sensible protections for low and middle-income families working hard to make ends meet
  • support workers and communities who wish to pursue entrepreneurship as a means for securing their economic futures
  • pursue partnerships that allow communities and workers to benefit from economic growth in new and existing industries
  • significantly improve access to creative, high-quality adult education opportunities for adults with limited literacy and numeracy skills

Meet the Team

Please contact us at (312) 609-0200 or if you have questions about our Economy program.

To learn more about the application process, please visit our How to Apply page. To begin your application, please visit our Grant Portal to submit your Letter of Inquiry.

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