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During the course of our work our team comes across valuable resources that we want to share. We hope you find the tools presented here useful for your efforts.

Illinois Digital Learning Lab releases 2019 field report

Illinois Digital Learning Lab

2018 Field Report

Through funding from Grand Victoria Foundation and Joyce Foundation, the Illinois Digital Learning Lab brought together adult educators throughout Illinois to explore digital learning solutions in 2018. The lab supported educators to purchase technology, implement it in the classroom, and reflect on needs and outcomes for their students. Reflections and learnings were published in their 2018 Field Report. The lab is continuing, please visit its website to learn more.

The Nature of Americans

National Study

The findings from an unprecedented national study of Americans’ relationship to nature reveal an alarming disconnection, but also widespread opportunities for reconnecting.

The Nature of Americans National Report: Disconnection and Recommendations for Reconnection reveals important insights from a study of nearly 12,000 adults and children and provides actionable recommendations to open the outdoors for all. Visit the website for even more information.

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