Who We Are


Grand Victoria Foundation is a private foundation whose mission is to empower communities to ensure Illinois is a great place to live and work. We envision a strong, livable, and equitable Illinois where every resident has an opportunity to thrive.


Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois voluntarily donates 20% of its annual net operating income to fund initiatives that help turn local communities into vibrant civic hubs. This extraordinary commitment sets it apart from other gaming establishments around the country. Grand Victoria Foundation was established in 1996 to carry out this commitment and receives an annual contribution of 12.5% of that donation. We have awarded over $184 million in grants throughout Illinois since our inception, over $20 million has been awarded in Elgin.

From the beginning, we have worked hard to engage grantees, partners and communities. Our grantmaking builds on this commitment and puts people and communities at the core of our work.

2017 Grand Victoria Foundation Audit

How We Engage

Grand Victoria Foundation is guided by a set of values that drive how we manage our operations, practice our grantmaking, and relate with grantees, partners and communities.

We are purpose-driven. We do whatever it takes in the name of progress towards our mission and vision and that of our grantees.

We are human-centric. We seek to develop strong relationships with individuals in the organizations and communities we support. We believe social change starts with people and the places where they live.

We stay curious. We constantly listen for ideas and solutions to increase the individual and collective impact of grantees and partners.

We are transparent. We communicate our truths and take responsibility for our work and we expect the same from grantees.

We are adaptive. We are resilient and do what is needed to work toward our vision and meet the needs of our grantees and their communities.  

We are fun! We take our work seriously and love to have fun while doing and supporting great work.

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